New updates and big news!

Hello! I recently made two big updates to the website. I put up some old photos of two of the shows I worked on while at Emerson, Salt & Pepper and The Phantom Tollbooth, to show the costuming work that I did for those productionsLooking through the old photos brought back a lot of amazing memories of the wonderful casts and crews that I worked with for those very successful and fun productions. I also put up some of my graphic design work; the examples are from I first started working on graphic design, so they could use some improvement. However, it's nice to see how far I've come. Both new changes can be found under the new menu button Portfolio.

The big news is that I'm spending the summer working on Star Island again! With the decision, I've also made some other big decisions. First, I want to develop this blog into something readable and interesting, and to start writing again. It's been a while since I've written anything, which is silly because I went to college for writing and it's something that I love to do and can do well. The goal I set for me this summer is to write about my experiences on the island on this blog to help get me into the habit of writing every day, and have that lead to inspiration for my next piece. My ultimate goals are to publish my short stories with paper and online literary journals and magazines, and to self publish one of the novels I've had saved on my hard drive for years.

Second, I want to start looking for the next big step in my career path. While I don't regret any of the jobs I've worked, I want to find something more creatively fulfilling for me, based on my interests and skill sets. Even though I have a writing degree, I have found that I want to help people and use my writing and planning skills to raise awareness. I want to look into nonprofit organizations with openings for positions big and small, and start making a change in the world. As one of the seven principles of the Unitarian Universalist faith states, I want to foster the global community with love, peace, liberty, and justice for all.

I hope that this summer will get me closer to achieving both big goals I've set for myself.

So, what to expect from my blog this summer? It will probably be a random collection of personal essays, observations on the human condition, thoughts on food, books, films, and TV shows, and maybe a short fiction piece or two. And lots of pictures of the island, of course.