Here is an excerpt from the script I wrote for my screenwriting class during senior year of college.
"In the wake of their parents’ death, two estranged sisters are forced back together. The older one has written a book about the younger one’s psychosis, which can only be published with the younger one’s permission. The younger one struggles to make up with her sister as her psychosis gets worse."
Context for excerpt: Margot Carson gets a call from Drew, her childhood friend, about how her parents and her younger sister, Aeighley, got into a car crash. Her parents were killed, but her sister survived, patched up in the ICU of their small hometown’s hospital. Margot returns home for the first time in years to take care of her sister and their parents’ affairs, but is hesitant about seeing her sister again. When Drew brings her to see Aeighley at the hospital, Margot catches her younger sister’s eye through the window, and runs away, scared and upset. Drew runs off to comfort her, leaving Aeighley alone. Due to her history of violent psychotic episodes, Aeighley is used to waking up in a hospital, and the judgmental looks the nurses give her, which only increase with the duration of her stay.